Entry #2

Suppose I have you to thank

2009-06-18 14:54:12 by Uptown-SlimJim

What's shaking, NG community?
I just wanted to pass along that I've been invited to write a column for 24 Hours, a free Vancouver commuter paper, on storytelling and writing for web-based content. My name was brought to their attention (in a very convoluted way) by an old instructor/contemporary of mine who writes pieces for them off and on. Anyway, they had a look at my crummy little cartoons and what sealed the deal for them was reading some of the more glowing reviews of my work from YOU, the people.

So I'm currently writing my piece for the paper. I don't know exactly when I'll be done or even if they'll publish it, but I just wanted to thank the newgrounds community once again for all the kind words they've given me over the years, and to let everyone know that it does not go unappreciated :)

I \m/ you guys


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2009-06-18 15:36:50

yeah fuck america


2009-06-18 16:34:22

I will insult you for no reason.


2009-06-18 16:46:29

Kindness makes you weak! Pain is the only thing that will make you stronger!!!


2009-06-18 17:44:12


I know everyone else that has left a comment can't grow up but i am happy you
got this.

Good luck.


2010-04-08 21:22:59

Good luck with the article and thanks for the cool flashes!