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So where to from here?

2009-05-16 01:38:38 by Uptown-SlimJim

Hey folks, I'm the Uptown-SlimJim, creator of such wonderful series' as The Buffoon & Co, Star Work and KILLROY. Today I submitted my 50th and final cartoon onto newgrounds, ending my 4-5 years of loyal service to the site.

So before I fade into obscurity I have a question for the good people of NG that's been weighing heavily on my mind lo these many years: How the heck do I go about getting my very own series page?

Seriously, I've checked the FAQ and there's zero mention about how I go about getting one. Do people nominate me for one? Do the admins decide if I'm worthy of one or not? Do I have to consistently get onto the front page? I'd like to have all my cartoons in one easily accessible place on NG but so far no offer has been made. Am I doing something wrong here?


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2009-05-16 02:09:17

Try asking Tom Fulp. Im sure hed be glad to help.

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

You hear that? That's the sound of me slapping my forehead wondering why I never thought of that before :P
Thanks for the tip.


2009-05-16 04:24:35

I had never seen your flash before I read your post. I just spent the last hour looking at your stuff; the 50th cartoon, some Killroy episodes, and a bunch of Star Work.

You have an impressive body of work. The voice acting is great throughout all I've seen, and the scripts are hilarious. Honestly, it has been some time since a flash animation has made me laugh that hard. "Yer gonna have to get though me" (Villain punctures through Killroy's chest)

However, one flaw runs though all your animations: bad tweens. Nothing makes an animation look sloppy that having the character flip over like they were made of cardboard. Also, you kept having characters have warping blobs of tar for mouths when you have proven that you can animate speech rather well. That kind of wore on my eyes for the first couple of episodes I saw, but I got used to it. Unfortunately, being as obscure as you are, most Newgrounders are not going to give that sort of thing a second chance when they can be watching video game funnies.

But then again, you knew that some people didn't like the tweens. You had some witty responses for reviewers who complained. Mediocrity at its best! (Then again, I don't do shit, I have no idea what it's like to animate. I may not have the right to complain.)

Anyway, your works definitely merit a series page, if not a few. Hell, you are much better than Mike Weiss, and he got a series page. On the other side of things, if you check out the results from the last flash Treasure Hunt, none of the winners got a series page.
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/9 87620

I wish you the best of luck getting that series page, and in your future ambitions.

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Uptown-SlimJim responds:

I get what you're saying, and sorry for the late reply (Long weekend up here in Canada). I've admitted before that I never considered myself an artist or an animator, but I suppose the one thing I could say in its defense is that the art is consistent with itself. And I think the craptastic style gives it a look unique from some of the other cartoons on newgrounds. No two art style are totally alike and I think what I did would be an exception. Then again I may be caring about this more than I should be :P


2009-05-16 11:01:59

I think it's if admins decide to. Even though you have 50 decent flashes you don't have anything above a 4.00 and it doesn't seem like you need a collection.

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

Yeah, I've wondered that myself. This warrants further investigation.


2009-05-16 11:57:46

Yeah cause high scores represent the quality of the work and nothing here is overrated. Oh to be elitist and naive again.


2009-05-16 12:05:58

I think this guy deserves a collection just for that scummy comment Alexman159 made.


2009-05-16 13:49:07



2009-05-16 15:11:14

you have to be actually good or at least bad in a popular way

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

How about good in an unpopular way, any leeway there?


2009-05-16 17:48:55

yoour great man fuck that guy over me